Emergency Scholarship Application
We understand this is a tough time for many of our UAF students. Emergency funding is available, you can apply here for funding to meet your need. This scholarship is a ONE TIME award for students who have exhausted all other funding opportunities available to them. The committee will review your application and contact you with a decision soon. The more information you can provide, the more the committee can understand your situation.
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Completing a FAFSA is part of the financial opportunities available to students. Do you have a completed and processed FAFSA?
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What kind of financial aid are you receiving or are expecting to receive this semester? (This includes scholarships, grants, and loans from all sources, including those awarded via the FAFSA.) *
Small emergency scholarships are available for students in emergency situations with no other options available to assist. Please tell us about your situation, how an emergency scholarship can help you be successful at UAF, and how specifically these emergency funds would be spent. *
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