How do you measure up?
Answer a few questions here about how you do your buying and hiring of things and I'll send you my tough builders tape measure absolutely free. Regards, Phil.
Do you or your staff use a purchase order number when buying or hiring things? *
If you do, where do those numbers come from? *
Does your company use any form of project management software? *
If you know which software is used can you give me a hint?
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If yes, does this software integrate with your current accounting software? *
Does that software include functionality for purchasing using mobile? *
Do your staff use it properly? *
Do your staff find it hard to use and therefore don't bother? *
Do you have control on what they are doing? *
Do you have oversight on what the staff are doing in an instant way? *
If there was a simple software Application that would help you streamline this process, would that be of interest? *
What benefits would help you do your job? *
If 'other', what might that be? *
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Nearly there..whew! Who is the contact person most relevant to receive some helpful information..Name and email please. *
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Enter your contact details and delivery address to receive your free builders tapemeasure *
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The information gathered is for the sole reason to assess the wants and needs of mobile purchasing software. This Information will not be shared with any other parties. This quiz does not constitute a formal agreement. The free builders tape measure gift will be available until either stock runs out or the promotion is terminated
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