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Filling out this form is not a commitment to receive services from Writing On Point / J.R. Wesley. This is a free review of your first chapter.

You will be asked to upload your first chapter below. This is for evaluation purposes. You will receive a follow-up email containing editorial commentary after submitting this form and completing the upload.

If interested, descriptions of my paid services can be found at: http://writingonpoint.com/editing-services/

My goal as an editor is to put the needs of your story first, second, last, and everything in between. I want my editorial feedback to be both insightful and useful. After you receive my feedback, I hope you will consider hiring me to edit your entire story. If for any reason your story would not be a good fit for the services I provide, or if you are not ready to hire an editor, I can help you assess what your next step should be.

This service is available while my schedule permits. I will update this form to reflect my availability.
(Last updated: 2/12/18)

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I specialize in science-fiction and fantasy as well as their sub-genres, and romantic suspense. However, I encourage you to submit your first chapter for the no-obligation editorial assessment even if your story does not fit into those genres.
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