SnackBag Studios Application as Skript/Java developer

- Be 13+
- At least 2 months Skript experience or at least 1 year minecraft coding experience (plugins for Paper/Spigot/Bukkit)
- Working minecraft Java Edition account
- At least 2 year minecraft Java Edition experience
What is your Minecraft name? (e.g. JX_Snack) *
How should we call you? (e.g. Snack) *
Under what E-Mail address should we contact you? (e.g. *
What is your Discord name with tag (e.g. JX_Snack#2825), otherwise it's impossible for us to contact you. *
What kind of developer are you? *
How old are you? *
How long do you play Minecraft Java Edition *
Why do you want to apply as developer? *
Do you have anything else to say? (if not leave empty)
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