Ultimate ESCAPE Family Seminar

Date: June 16th, 2018
Time: 3 PM - 8 PM
Address: 1100 W Westhill Dr Cleburne, TX 76033
Host: Westhill Church of Christ
Contact: Alan Middleton, Youth and Family Minister
Cell: (405) 795-9945 Email: Alan@WesthillChurch.net

Who is this for?

This seminar is specifically geared for parents and their students (middle school through high school age suggested). In this seminar, Steve Holladay will address relevant topics on sex from a Biblical perspective and provide some helpful ways for families to address this important subject.

What is the cost?

Westhill Church of Christ wants to provide this seminar as a free resource to our families and all who choose to attend. The only cost involved will be $5 for the sandwich supper at 5 pm.

What will be covered?

3:00 PM A Fun Theology of Sex
You can learn a lot about sex from a chocolate bunny, and from scripture. God's word provides much more than a set of rules for sex. It describes sex as an exciting, pleasurable and intimate part of the human experience. Catch God’s vision for a lifetime of fulfillment as you learn about sex from a hole in the wall.

4:00 PM Sex and the Brain
Learn how God designed brain structures and neurochemicals to interact and make sex incredibly powerful and captivating. Discover the connection between sex and emotional bonding. You will understand “hotness” much better as you learn about sex from a branding iron.

5:00 PM Sandwich Supper

6:00 PM Current Issues in Teen Sexuality
Young people are flooded with images and distorted messages about sex. Most find themselves facing challenges for which they have not been prepared. Survey the landscape your teen is navigating, and be better prepared to equip them for success. You’ll understand your teen a lot better as you learn about sex from a pair of glasses!

7:00 PM Q & A Session

8:00 PM Dismiss

What is Ultimate ESCAPE?

Founded by Steve and Holly Holladay in 2004, Ultimate Escape is a board-directed not-for-profit corporation that equips people to follow God's plan for sexuality. Based in West Monroe, LA, Ultimate Escape partners with churches, schools and other organizations to present truth about a variety of topics related to sexuality, relationships and recovery. Additionally, Ultimate Escape offers Christian counseling for teens and adults looking for help with issues including sexual addiction, sexual identity, sexual trauma/abuse, or relationship and intimacy concerns.

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