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Please use this form to request to reschedule one of your confirmed lessons.
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Tell us about the lesson you'd like to reschedule
Lesson dates less than 48 hrs from now will not be honored. Please see Policies.
Date/Time of the lesson you'd like to reschedule (original lesson date/time) *
Select days and times for your rescheduled lesson
Select as many options as you can. Keep in mind your instructor may only be available for a few of these options.The rescheduled lesson must be w/in 2 weeks of the original lesson date.
Day/Time ranges for your rescheduled lesson
Morning (8am - 12pm)
Afternoon (12pm -5pm)
Evening (5pm - 10pm)
Include preferences
Indicate which of the above selections are best for you. Such as "I would prefer 8/12 but I could do 8/16 if needed". Please use dates (such as 8/12), not "this Wed" or "next Wed".
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Include specific date/time constraints
Such as "I can only do 6:30pm or later on Tuesdays", or "I can do 8/5 but not 8/12", etc. Please use dates (such as 8/12), not "this Wed" or "next Wed".
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Choose to add time to future lessons
Many students prefer to reschedule a lesson by adding time to future confirmed lessons. Options include:
- Add 30 minutes to 2 60-minute lessons (or add 20min to 2 40-min lessons)
- Do a double-lesson (120 min instead of 60m, 80m instead of 40m)
Important Details
Our office will use the info you've provided above to reschedule your lesson. We will send you a confirmation email once completed. We will inform you if no rescheduling options are available based on your info above and the instructor's availability, and mark your original lesson as canceled.
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