Vancouver Farmers Markets - 2019 Craft Vendor Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Craft Vendor with the Vancouver Farmers Markets! We will use the following form to determine whether or not you qualify to become a craft vendor with us in 2019.

We have been celebrating BC farmers, food processors and artisans since 1995. Our markets are considered throughout the province to be some of the best by vendors and shoppers alike.

* Who can qualify to be a Craft Vendor?

We are looking for professional quality, original craft items with a special eye towards anything that supports or enhances BC agriculture (think local flowers and herbs used in soap-making or locally handmade cookware). We are a producer-only market and everything that you sell must be handmade by you. Items must be original, of a unique concept or design, and must not use mass-produced or stock imagery. Any illustrations or photos used must be your own original design. The handcrafted component of your work must dominate any commercial components used, and the commercial components must be transformed in a way that makes the work unique.

75% of your items must be priced under $40. Please consider this guideline carefully before applying with the VFM. It has been our experience that artisans with the majority of their product over this price point do not do well at our markets and end up being disappointed as a result.

* What's the application process?

The first step is to fill out this form to be added to our notification list. We require you to submit photos of your product and set-up, a link to your website or social media, as well as a description of your work so that we can consider you for an in-office jury. If your product seems like a good fit for our markets we will invite you to put your best product forward and attend an in-office jury. All craft vendors must be juried before they can attend the markets.

* How does the jury work?

If selected to jury, you will be asked to submit your items to be judged on the quality of their design, originality, construction, presentation and local components. We want to see your very best work! You will be asked to bring your items to our office and set them up on jury day (TBA). Your display is important and will be taken into consideration by the jurors.

* Who will jury the items I submit?

We use up to ten jurors to evaluate your work. The jury may include senior market staff members, professional artisans, and/or market community members with backgrounds in craft or design. All juror members volunteer their time to help us select items that reflect the high level of quality and artisanship that we look for at our markets.

Once your items have passed the jury process you will be eligible to apply for market dates. You will not need to re-jury products at any time, but if you are adding items that are significantly different to your line-up (for eg., adding textiles when you have been approved for ceramics) you will need to apply to the jury process again.

We look forward to receiving your application!

** This form is intended for information purposes only. By no means shall it indicate explicit or implicit acceptance to VFM markets. This form will be reviewed by VFM to determine if a formal application should be sent to the interested vendor. Unfortunately we cannot respond to every interested vendor. If you do not hear back from us within the market season, please feel free to re-submit next year. **

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