Lesson 4: Discipleship, the Beautiful Way
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Outcome: Understand that Discipleship is about being centered in Jesus, knowing you are a sinner, and that your life is not about you. Become a saint.
Compose a prayer to Jesus asking for what you want and need in his name.
Bishop Robert Barron - "Sainthood, Sanctity and What Makes Us Holy"
Click the following link to watch in full screen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EU-lAFC2eo
What are the 3 paths that make our life beautiful as we follow Jesus? Which path comes most naturally to you? Which is most elusive? Why? *
What is the "Unam Necessarium"? If you are honest with yourself, what is the one thing you orient your life around? *
Why is "apathy" a good thing according to Bishop Barron? *
What are the 4 substitutes for God according to Aquinas? Which is the greatest temptation in your life? *
What is the fundamental Christian truth we need to share with our culture? *
What is the "law of spiritual physics"? *
How do you want to escape the ego-drama for the theo-drama? *
Prayerfully ask God to identify your false altar(s). Compose a prayer asking for God's fire to fill you. Who will you share fire with this week?
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