2020 Rising Leaders Fellowship Application
Thank you for your interest in the Rising Leaders Fellowship. Applicants should complete this form. Please note: applicant's supervisor must complete and sign a separate form (the 2020 RLF Sponsor Form) for this application to be complete. The priority deadline is February 21st. The application final due date is March 6th, 2020.
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3. How do you see your participation in the Rising Leaders Fellowship impacting the young people you serve? *
4. If, given the opportunity, what specifically would you focus on to increase cultural relevancy within your programs? *
5. What type of change do you feel you can impact within your organization? (Check all that apply) *
6. Do you have any conflicts with the schedule as listed in the information sheet? If yes, please describe: *
By typing your signature below, you agree to attend an interview should you be invited, make a deposit of $200* to Youth Outside IF selected, and actively participate in the Rising Leaders Fellowship program. *
*Deposit can be made by either the individual or the individual’s employer
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