2019-20 Student Assembly "Campus Event" Funds Request Form
Please use this form to submit a funding request to the Student Assembly at least three weeks in advance of the activity you are planning. The RBC Student Assembly will review all funding requests each Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. (excluding holidays). REQUESTORS ARE ASKED TO ATTEND THIS MEETING. If you cannot attend, please contact oce@rbc.edu. You will receive a response by the following Friday. If you have any questions about the form or the process please contact the Student Assembly Advisor at oce@rbc.edu or 804- 862-6775.

Campus Event funds are appropriated and managed by the Student Assembly. These funds must be spent on student activities that are open to the whole student body, promoted to all students, and for the enjoyment and/or development of the students of Richard Bland College. Interested applicants may schedule to meet with a member of the Student Activities staff for any questions about the process

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If you are a student, please list your student organization below:
Reason for funding request *
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Please indicate the amount that you would like to request: *
Please type a list of the items that will need to be purchased and an estimated cost for EACH ITEM (if this section is not completed it will slow down the approval process): *
Date and time of proposed program *
Desired location of the proposed program *
Does this program require a registration in advance? If so what is the deadline to register?
How do you plan to promote this event to the student body?
How will this activity benefit the students of Richard Bland College? *
I agree to abide by State of Virginia and RBC procurement guidelines, to save all receipts, if there is a meal I will record the names of all in attendance, if I am planning a field trip I will have every participant sign a liability release (available in OCE). I will include “Co-sponsored by RBC Student Assembly” on all promotions and documents. After the event, I will submit all receipts, photos and signed liability waivers to the Office of Campus Engagement. *
Thank you for taking the time to submit this funding request and for helping to make RBC a more fun and welcoming place.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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