More than 50 new Neighborhood Safety Watch programs have been initiated since June 2016 in Saratoga
Read the Saratoga News article here
You can see the safety map at

How about an active grid of Neighborhood Safety Watch programs across every neighborhood of Saratoga, including yours; neighbors watching out for each other. Neighborhood Safety Watch Program is a great way to jump start your neighborhood's safety effort. You can launch one for your neighborhood, just sign-up below or RSVP to attend one in your area

- Saratoga Safety Forum
- Top 25 Safety Tips
- 10-steps to your Neighborhood Safety Watch NSW program
- Subscribe to crime reports from your neighborhood (it is a free service)

_______________________MEETING AGENDA__________________________________
These meetings are meant to be an hour long, please join us to enable an on-time start
- Meeting kick-off by host
- Introduction by neighbors
- Discuss the current state of safety in the city, some statistical information/ background/ context,
- Discuss safety best practice towards a safer neighborhood; modus operandi of break-ins
- Neighbors ask questions about safety or other topics as it pertains to our city
- Introduce the concept of the Neighborhood Safety Watch - a city of Saratoga program
- If the neighborhood is interested to move forward, we move forward with steps towards city certification
The end result: A safer, informed, aware and connected neighborhood. + our city will put up a "Neighborhood Safety Watch" sign in your neighborhood warning intruders.+ neighborhood can apply for grant money
--------------------------Neighborhood Safety Watch program explained----------------------------------
- How to start a neighborhood Safety Watch for your neighborhood? Watch the video here
- Presentation on Neighborhood Safety Watch
- An hour long HOW TO video

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