Giveaway: 7 Inspiring Novels for Women's Fiction Day!

Road trips, the boy next door, crazy families, nostalgia, finding hope and love and forgiveness in life's darkest moments--this giveaway has it all! One lucky winner will receive a copy of each of these author's books:

A SONG FOR THE ROAD, Kathleen Basi - a year after losing her family in a car accident, Miriam undertakes a musical cross-country pilgrimage to honor their memory and learn to love again.

TTHE GIRL WHO COULD BREATHE UNDERWATER, Erin Bartels - a critical anonymous letter drives a debut novelist back to her childhood summer haunt to confront the person upon whom she based her antagonist. As she faces the heartbreak of her past, she discovers that antagonists have stories of their own--and no one is beyond the reach of forgiveness.

CLOSER TO OKAY, Amy Watson - Weaving culinary delights with an honest, appraising look at how we deal with the world when it becomes too much, Closer to Okay is the comfort food we all need in these, well, crazy times.

BLIND TURN, Cara Sue Achterberg - In the aftermath of a fatal texting and driving accident, a mother and daughter must come to terms with the real meaning of forgiveness.

THE DO-OVER: A TOTALLY LAUGH-OUT-LOUD, FEEL-GOOD ROMANTIC COMEDY - Sharon Peterson - After getting dumped by her boyfriend on live radio while sitting in the dentist's chair, Perci commits to an anti-New Year's Resolution list... and totally fails, with hilarious and heartwarming results.

WILDLAND, Rebecca Hodge - "[Wildland] brilliantly explores themes of perseverance, survival, and responsibility, showing how destruction can strike without warning, but also how the bonds forged in tough times can turn strangers into family. Wildland is a pulse-pounder with heart, and highly recommended.” Mystery Scene Magazine)

AMAZING GRACIE, Laura Drake -  CJ has returned from war. But she hasn’t left the war behind. The bright spot in her life is her nine-year-old sister, Amazing Gracie. Together they head on a cross-country motorcycle trip to visit the homes of her fallen friends. It isn't the journey CJ expected, but it is the one she needs when they discover they’ve been headed to an undisclosed destination all along.

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