Points of Light Art Survey
The Points of Light Committee is evaluating vendor interest in an ARTS MARKET that will be a new part of our annual event. Five to ten local and regional artists or small businesses would be provided a space to set up a tent and table (or be provided a tent and table) to display and sell art, crafts, and/or other relevant goods. Our goal is to have a diverse array of vendors who represent multiple cultures and traditions.

This survey will gauge interest and, if enough interested vendors are identified, all respondents will be notified with additional information and details. Please respond by Friday, February 4, 2022.

Please note, we're also looking for sculptors and other artists for two possible pieces displayed and/or created at the event. If you're interested, visit www.pointsoflightlowell.com/call/
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More about Points of Light
The fifth annual Points of Light is a spring celebration of unity and renewal that brings together the food, music, and traditions of Lowell’s diverse cultures. A half a dozen vendors representing multiple ethnic traditions sell delicious food while community music and dance performances light up the stage. The centerpiece of the night is a special ceremony in which participants personalize water lanterns that will be released onto the Western Canal, creating hundreds of floating points of light. We anticipate 1,000 attendees based on previous years, including a mix of families from Lowell and from nearby communities.

WHEN: April 30, 2022, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
WHERE: Ecumenical Plaza (Between Holy Trinity and St. Patrick churches)
THEMES: Diverse cultures and faiths of Lowell coming together, importance of water and light in celebration, the renewal of spring and connection to nature and ecology
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