1:2:1 March 14-21, 2021 Application
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Please provide links for 2-3 videos of your performances (for performers) or recordings of your work (for composers). If you do not have online performances, please upload to YouTube, set permissions to unlisted (not private!) and indicate web link below. *
Please provide a link to your short video (max 3 minutes) about why you want to attend 1:2:1 and what topics you most want to cover. This can be via Dropbox, Google Drive, wetransfer.com, or other file-sharing system. *
If a performer, do you have a solo piece written in the last 25 years of between 5-10 min duration that you would like to prepare, study, and perform as part of the festival ? *
If yes to the above, please list the composer and name of the piece, as well as any links to information about the piece, recording, or performance. If no to the above, some suggestions for solo work will be given to you. If a composer, write "NA".
Briefly describe the type of new composer piece you might be interested in receiving (if a performer) or writing (if a composer). *
Please indicate your interest in receiving/working on (if a performer) or writing (if a composer) a piece with electronics and/or backing audio. *
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Please describe your educational background. If you are a current student, please indicate where you are studying and any details you would like to share about that program. *
Please briefly describe the audio and video recording equipment you will use for both the Zoom sessions and to record the final performance videos (ex: phone, type of microphone, audio interface, DSLR or video camera, etc.) *
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