Northville Student-Athlete Post Season Survey 2016-2017
What grade were you in during this school year?
What is your gender?
What sport did you play?
What level did you participate?
What was your primary role during the season?
I consider my coach a positive influence on me.
My coach is very knowledgeable about my sport.
My coach treated me with respect.
My coach is respected by the team.
I feel comfortable asking my coach questions that I have about my sport.
My coach is challenging and gets the best performance out of the team.
My coach has high expectations regarding good behavior and sportsmanship.
My coach provided me with a clear set of rules and expectations.
My coach provided adequate supervision to insure safety.
My coach is very good at teaching me the skills necessary to improve and compete at my sport and position.
My coach's practices adequately prepared the team for competition.
I had a good relationship with my coach.
I enjoyed this team and I am glad I played this sport.
Please share any other comments about the team, the program and/or the coach in the space below.
What is the Northville Athletic Department and/or Athletic Director doing well?
What areas does the Northville Athletic Department and/or Athletic Director need to improve on? What are some suggestions for improvement?
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