Stories about female tech students
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Identify as a female tech student and have something -- anything -- to share? Or were you once a female tech student and have an experience to share from your days in school? Experiences can be negative or positive. This form is anonymous.

Some provoking inspiration:

Have you ever been cut off in class, during a discussion section, study session, or in office hours?
Have you ever been the only female student in a class?
Has anyone unnecessarily commented on your appearance?
Encountered any negativity online about being a woman in tech? How did you feel?

Some placating inspiration:

Have you had a male professor who made an extra effort to include you?
Have you heard a badass woman in tech speak about her work?
Do you have role models?
What are things men can do to bridge the gender gap?

There are two ways to share stories: in a tweet-like format, or as a longer response. If you share a short story, I'll tweet it with the hashtag #imafemaletechstudent. You can follow me at @sh_reya.
Share your short story.
Keep the length under 120 characters, as I'll post it on Twitter with the hashtag #imafemaletechstudent. Or, if you want to post it on Twitter yourself, go for it.
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Share your long story.
Make it long as you want. I'll organize these into a spreadsheet, and link the spreadsheet in my original blog post.
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Thank you so much for being brave and sharing your story. You're awesome.
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