Overall Evaluation
Integrated Semester Abroad
For any questions please contact international@hs-fresenius.de (Germany) or priya.nayar@hs-fresenius.de (USA)
How did you learn about the Integrated Semester abroad from Hochschule Fresenius? *
What motivated you to participate in the New York Study Abroad Program? *
How did you prepare yourself for the semester abroad? [Check all that apply] *
How did you organize your travel to the United States? What service did you use? *
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Did you travel beyond New York during your study abroad semester? If yes, please list where all you traveled and did you plan it in Germany or after arrival? *
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How did you find your accommodation (internet, private contacts, Hochschule Fresenius recommendation, other)? *
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What kind of accommodation did you live in? *
How did you like your accommodation? *
Really Liked It / Satisfied
Did Not Like It At All / Dissatisfied
Please share your address and landlord contact information below. (Optional)
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Did you feel well-informed and prepared for the semester abroad? *
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Strongly Disagree / Dissatisfied
Hochschule Fresenius's Competence Center International Services helped you prepare adequately for your semester abroad? *
Strongly Agree / Satisfied
Strongly Disagree / Dissatisfied
Hochschule Fresenius liaison office (represented by Priya Nayar) in New York was helpful while being abroad? *
Strongly Agree / Satisfied
Strongly Disagree / Dissatisfied
International Office at Berkeley College (14th Floor officers) was helpful while being abroad? *
Strongly Agree / Satisfied
Strongly Disagree / Dissatisfied
Organized at Pace University were helpful while being abroad? *
Strongly Agree / Satisfied
Strongly Disagree / Dissatisfied
Did you participate in Culture / Orientation Week organized by Hochschule Fresenius, New York? *
If yes, can you tell us how much you enjoyed the following activities?
I loved it.
I liked it.
I feel neither positive or negative about it.
I did not like it.
I hated it.
I did not participate.
Sunday - Welcome Brunch
Monday - Museum Day
Tuesday - Berkeley College Orientation
Wednesday - Pace University Orientation
Wednesday - AMD only Windows Wear Tour
Thursday - Bowling
Friday - One World Observatory
Did you participate in extra-curricular activities during the semester organized by Hochschule Fresenius New York?
I enjoyed participating
I did not enjoy participating
I could not because of classes
I did not because it was not interesting
I did not know about it
German American Oktoberfest in Central Park
Lunch with Mr. Metzner
Company Visit: Schott AG
German American Conference at Harvard University
Deutschlandjahr: Private Sail to Statue of Liberty
Friendly Meeting with Amity University
Future Forum NYC
Company Visit: Ernst & Young
Did you take classes at both Berkeley College and Pace University? *
Did you think your schedule of classes was well-organized? *
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Did you meet new people (German / American / Other Nationalities) during your study abroad experience that you consider now to be your friends? *
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Did you participate in an internship program? If yes, please list the name of your company. If no, please tell us why you did not participate. *
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Did the program meet your expectations? *
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
What improvements would you suggest? *
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How much money did you spend in total for your semester abroad (do not count the program fee, please include accommodation, travel, food, leisure activities, etc)? (Optional)
Would you recommend the program to future participants? Please give reasons for your answer. *
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Would you consider studying abroad again? If yes, where would you like to study? Feel free to name other US locations and/or international cities. *
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Would you be available as a “mentor” for future students (for them to ask questions / learn from you)? *
If you chose Yes to be a mentor, please provide your contact information. (Email, Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn, others)
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