2019 JPBB Scholarship Application
The soul of Pagan Bunny Burn are the children and teenagers that we get to see participate at Pagan Bunny Burn. We at Pagan Bunny Burn would love to encourage more awesome behavior from you young amazing bunnies. So hare we have an opportunity for you, to participate in Pagan Bunny Burn and get a scholarship helping pay for part of your ticket to Pagan Bunny Burn 2019.
We are looking for teenagers from 13 -17 years of age.
You must write a 500 word essay explaining why you want to participate in Pagan Bunny Burn, what you hope to learn, and "gift" to the bunny community.
You will also need to provide a slide show, or a group of images that show you practicing frequently 3 of the ten principles at home. A list of the ten principles are on the Pagan Bunny Burn website.
You will also need to sign up for three volunteer opportunities at Pagan Bunny Burn. An hour shift on Friday as a Bunny Ranger, an hour shift on Saturday helping The Department of Bunny Works prepare perimeter, and then one hour of LNT on Sunday.
Once you fill out the application the Junior Pagan Bunny Burn Coordinator will email you with instructions and a time line of when things are due, and can answer any questions you may have.
Acceptance letters will be sent out no later then Dec. 2nd.
JPPB Scholarship Applications will not be accepted after Nov. 21st
Please have a Parent or guardian fill out their contact info as well.
If you have any questions please email paganbunnyburnvolunteer@gmail.com
See you in April!! Whoop whoop!!
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Thank you so much for wanting to participate in the Junior Pagan Bunny Burn Scholarship!! You ROCK!! Whoop whoop!!!
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