Dear esteemed client,

The National Transport and Safety Authority has embarked on an exercise to understand public perception on their services to inform on service improvement. By answering these questions, you will help us get a deeper understanding of your expectations and inform us on where we should improve in order to serve you better.
We would like to assure you that the information you provide will be aggregated, kept strictly anonymous & confidential and will be used solely for the purposes of the survey. Kindly spare a few minutes in answering the following questions. Thank you

1. Are you aware of NTSA’s mandate? *
2. What is your perception regarding our services? *
The service is always good
NTSA offices are visually appealing
NTSA uses modern technology in service delivery
Information materials(Flyers, Posters) associated with the service are visually appealing
NTSA services are easily accessible through various channels( telephone, physical visits, website & online portal, NTSA App)
Other comments regarding our service?
What is your perception regarding our accessibility of our online services? *
I understand how TIMS works
I trust the online portal because it is secure
The online portal has simple clear steps
The information on TIMS is easy to understand
The online portal has a reliable payment system
Service delivery through TIMS is fast and convenient
Other comments regarding our service?
What is your perception regarding our employees quality of service delivery?
The employees are friendly
The employees are professional
The employees are willing to assist
The personnel give accurate information about services
The employees are prompt in giving services
What are your general comments about the staff at NTSA?
What are your general comments about NTSA online services i.e. TIM’s platform?
Since you started interacting with NTSA, has anything changed at NTSA within the last 2 years in our service delivery?
How would you wish that NTSA communicates with you?
How did you seek NTSA services?
What is your Age range
How would you classify yourself while on the road?
What is your current occupation?
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