Survey Regarding Steampunk Universe
After determining which stories were high enough quality to get into *Steampunk Universe*, we discovered that we had several problems:

* The remaining table of contents is considerably less diverse than what I normally publish. I’m committed to working hard to ensure that there’s diversity throughout the process while maintaining quality in the books I publish.
* One author withdrew their story - and perhaps others didn’t submit - because they worried that since they were themselves not disabled, that writing a disabled character was ableist itself.
* This also led to us being concerned, because while there are a number of disabled authors in the table of contents, it is less than 50%
* The table of contents as it stands will be somewhere in the 60,000 word range. By comparison, Steampunk World was approximately 90,000 words.

Unlike Steampunk World, at this point, we’re actually concerned that we won’t be advancing the dialogue in the way we intend. Perhaps it’s just because of the earlier mis-step, but since this is something we care deeply about, we don’t want to make things worse.

We’ve brainstormed a few possible things to add on to help further our goal of greater representation - including things like ensuring there’s visual representations as well in the book and as part of the publicity process and making a portion of the proceeds go to programs that work to develop and encourage writers from marginalized groups - but we again worry that these aren’t enough.

So I want your comments.

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