Sustainable Highland Park is completing one year of education and outreach in an effort to reduce single use plastic bags in our town. This survey is to collect information on the impact of our campaign and to see what next steps we should take. The more responses we get, the more we can gauge the usage of and feelings about plastic bags in our community, so please share this survey with your family, friends and neighbors in Highland Park. Thank you for taking the time to take this survey and to #RefuseThePlastic and #UseReusables.

For more information about our plastic bag campaign and other Sustainable Highland Park programs and initiatives, please visit Feel free to sign up for our mailing list in the sidebar of the website, and follow SHP and our Plastic Bag Education and Reduction Campaign at

Please note, this campaign is funded by a grant from Sustainable Jersey and PSEG.

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How aware have you been of the campaign in Highland Park to reduce single use plastic bags?
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Over the course of this year did you make an effort to reduce your usage of single use plastic bags? *
If you answered “Yes” to the above question, how successful do you feel you were in reducing your usage of plastic bags?
Would you support some form of municipal ordinance to encourage reduction of commercial, single-use plastic bag distribution in Highland Park? *
What option would you prefer to plastic bags? *
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