The Adams Scholarship for NYOS Juniors
Scholarship Provider: Mike and Amy Adams

"Our two children, Violet, and Fiona, each began attending NYOS Charter School in Kindergarten. In 2018, our oldest, Violet, graduated and was accepted at The University of Texas at Austin. Our youngest daughter, Fiona, will graduate from NYOS Charter School in 2020. We have been blessed by the many wonderful teachers and experiences at this school and our children have thrived here. NYOS has truly prepared our children for college, and we want to pay that forward. In support of the NYOS charter, we offer this scholarship each year to help a college-bound junior start her or his journey to a university or trade school."

Application Deadline: April 15th of each school year until such time that this program is terminated

Amount: $500

Scholarship Description: One scholarship will be awarded per academic year to a qualified junior at NYOS Charter School who is planning to apply to college or trade school at the beginning of their senior year. This scholarship award is intended to help the recipient pay for college visits and/or application fees to the institute(s) of their choice. Students who receive this scholarship must attend NYOS Charter School for their entire junior year, must be signed up to attend NYOS for their senior year at the time of the scholarship award, and must meet the specific requirements of the scholarship. One recipient will be chosen per school year based on meeting the scholarship criteria for participation and on an execution of the essay.

- Must be a full-time student at NYOS Charter School, in their junior year
- Must have been at NYOS Charter School since the beginning of their junior year, meaning that the student was present on the first day of that school calendar’s year
- Must have a signed “Intent to Return” form on file that shows that the student plans to attend NYOS their senior year
- Must have one recommendation letter from a NYOS Charter School teacher
- No GPA requirement
- Must turn in an essay by the deadline.

This application and all associated materials will be reviewed by a scholarship committee, and the winner will be announced by May 15th of the same school year. The winner will receive a check for $500 on or around May 15th of the year it is awarded.

For questions or more information, please contact:
Tannia Benefield
Secondary Counselor
NYOS Charter School
12301 N. Lamar Blvd
Austin, Texas 78753

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