Harveys RSVP & Guest Form - Complete by May 1
The Harveys are the end of the year theatre banquet! This event will be on May 15th in the evening, in the theater. YOU are invited as a participating member of our theatre company!

For this year's event, we are hoping to have an outdoor social gathering at the park during the day, then the official event in the evening at school. We will induct new thespians, recognize honors and lettering, present awards, recognize the seniors and enjoy senior performances, and also make announcements about next year!

This form is to get an idea of how many students will be attending so we can plan ahead and determine how many non-student guests can come. If we cannot have parents there, we will live stream it for them. Please give us your best estimate for now, a rough response is better than no response! You can let us know if you change your mind!
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We are trying to gage how many non-students can attend, so please note that you may not be able to bring all your estimated guests.
Would you like a council member to contact you with more information about induction into the Thespian Honors troupe, lettering, or Harveys in general? *
Any other questions/thoughts about Harveys?
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