Here We Are: Audience Survey
Hey! Thanks for listening to my podcast and volunteering to take my survey. It should take just 5 minutes of your time, and that contribution is extremely valuable to me. The results will help me get a better picture of who you guys are so I can improve the show. It will also help me to find sponsors who you guys might like and discover something useful they have to offer.

I understand that some of the demographic questions are very personal. I will not identify you in any way, and will only use the aggregate information from the responses. I know you take your privacy seriously, and I will protect that.

I appreciate you taking the time and supporting my podcast. Thank you. And please leave me your email address at the end if you want me to let you know about new shows and future events.

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Thanks for filling out the survey! Please leave me your email address if you'd like to be the first to know about future live events and more!
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