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--> Understanding how it matters
There has been incredible progress and reform in the child welfare system, however, there is one area that remains largely unchanged: issues with racial bias against families of color. Existing within the child welfare are policies and practices that affect families of color and their communities are larger and disproportionate rates. Currently, in the United States, there has been a reckoning to address anti-Black racism in our systems, we must ensure child welfare and it's harm on black and brown families is apart of those conversations. Now is the time for our child welfare system to look internally at its practices, outcomes, and prioritize the voices of kinship caregivers, birth parents, current and former foster youth to provide insight to Policymakers and administrators on developing and shaping anti-racist child welfare that is just, equitable, and supportive to families of colors. Want to learn more about resources and support? Contact with questions.
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