Public Feedback on the DRAFT List of 2025 Connecticut Species of Greatest Conservation Need
Every ten years, each state creates a plan that maps out the next ten years of wildlife conservation. Each State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) identifies which species are of greatest conservation need for the state, the habitats they use, the threats they face, the actions that may help them, and how to monitor their populations. Connecticut wrote our first Wildlife Action Plan in 2005, and last revised it in 2015. With 2025 rapidly approaching, we have considered your input and the scientific teams have drafted this list, and we want your input. For more information: CT SWAP
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Do you think you will use the 2025 Wildlife Action Plan once it is released (e.g., learning more about Connecticut’s conservation programs, learning what you can do to aid conservation, applying for conservation grants)?
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Are there any species not considered in the Draft Species of Greatest Conservation Need list that you would still like the scientific teams to consider? (the Draft Species of Greatest Conservation Need list can be found here: Draft 2025 CT SGCN list)
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