Columbia Gorge Economic Symposium feedback
Mid-Columbia Economic Development District appreciates your attendance at the 2018 Columbia Gorge Economic Symposium. To ensure that future events meet our objectives of building regional relationships, enhancing understanding of a key industry sector and obtaining updated economic data, we invite you to take this brief survey.
Presenters and Information
Keynote Speaker *
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The keynote speaker helped me understand more about an industry important to the region
The keynote speaker was clear and comprehensible
I found the keynote speech interesting
Industry Panel *
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The industry panel had an appropriate mix of individuals representing the breadth of the high tech industry composition in the Gorge
The industry panel had diverse perspectives and composition
The panel helped further my understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the high tech sector in the Gorge
The panel was well facilitated
There was enough time for questions of the panel
Regional Economists *
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The regional economists provided relevant data
The regional economists provided information in a manner that held my attention
Information was relayed in a clear and comprehensible manner
Overall *
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The Symposium was well moderated
There was adequate time for networking
There was adequate time for discussion
What topics would you like to see covered at future symposiums? *
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Symposium Format
We are considering how to structure future Symposiums to best meet the needs of regional participants. Your feedback will influence next year’s Symposium design.
Format preference (rank 1-5 with 1 as top preference) *
1 = Top preference 5 = Lowest preference
Half-day event similar to this year’s structure
Half day event, but over a catered lunch
Host a more formal dinner/evening event
Full day event
The maximum amount I would willing to pay for future Symposiums is: *
More than $100
Half Day Event
Half Day Lunch Event
Formal Dinner
Full Day
We rotate this event throughout the region (Klickitat, Skamania, Sherman, Wasco and Hood River counties) between Oregon and Washington. If you have a suggestion for next year’s event location, please share it with us!
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Overall Thoughts
What did you like best about the Symposium?
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What is one thing you think could be improved for next year’s Symposium?
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How did you hear about the Symposium?
Any overall feedback for the event?
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Thank you! We appreciate your feedback. Presentations and information from this year’s symposium will be posted on our website at:
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