YouthConnekt Mobile Apps 4 Human Development challenge powered by Motorola Solutions Foundation

Are you a young Rwandan social innovator in the IT sector and passionate about finding solutions to pressing development issues?

Do you know how to develop mobile applications?
Do you have an innovative business idea that would benefit your society or community?

Then apply for the YouthConnekt Mobile Apps for Human Development challenge! We will help you access the resources and business training you need to launch and grow a sustainable business.

YouthConnekt is a platform that connects innovative youth with leaders from the public, private and financial sectors to forge new partnerships for the future.
It connects young people to role models, resources, knowledge & skills development, as well as employment opportunities that enable them to participate in shaping the future of Rwanda.

Since the early 1990s, United Nation Development Program (UNDP) has been promoting the use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) to empower people, reduce poverty, promote local capacity development, foster social inclusion, and foster democratic governance. The explosive use and growth of mobile technologies, particularly in developing countries, has brought forward an apparent paradigm shift. Nowadays, the potential to offer public information and deliver basic services to billions of people who still live in absolute and relative poverty is at hand.

Recognizing the significant opportunity of mobile technologies for development, UNDP and Motorola Solutions Foundation have entered into a partnership to address these challenges and to stimulate the diffusion of mobile initiatives on a larger scale.

The Challenge has the unique aim of encouraging youth participation in innovation and apps development through entrepreneurship promotion.

The Challenge is expected to help entrepreneurs grow businesses - efficiently and effectively. By providing the winners with seed funding for their successful proposals, we help them to scale and grow successful and sustainable businesses that in turn create jobs for young people and stimulate the local economy.


1st Prize: USD 6,000
2nd Prize: USD 3,000
3rd Prize: USD 1,500
4th Prize: USD 1,000
5th Prize: USD 1,000

In addition to the cash prize, the first place winner will receive business training and mentoring from successful entrepreneurs throughout the initial phase of their start-up.


You must be:
- Between ages 18 and 35
- Rwandan Nationality
- Have not been in business or have a registered business for a year or less
- Available for Google Hangout session on March 4th at MYICT

We only accept one idea per applicant or group. Multiple applications will not be considered.
All applications should be made via the online application. In case the applicant is not able to fill it themselves, a third party may assist them in filling out the application (but not without the knowledge & consent of the applicant).


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    Personal information

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    Your project

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    The challenge consists in presenting an idea that could be used by the community using mobile technologies in the following thematic areas: ● Governance ● Education ● Health ● Agriculture ● Gender