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Due to COVID-19 safety within the shop, we have implemented new measures, including how we book visits to decrease shared phone use among the staff. PLEASE NOTE!!! We are currently at capacity for larger breeds (over 35 pounds). We are generally booking 4-6 weeks ahead. Thank you for your interest and please expect to hear from us Monday to Friday.
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Do you have any restrictions re: appointment options? (eg. weekend availability only, morning vs afternoon drop off, pick up time needs) Please let us know so we can best meet your needs. If not indicated, our groomers will assume you're flexible for drop off and pick up times!
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Is there a groomer at our shop you'd prefer your pet visit? We can't guarantee that all staff will be working at this time. Please indicate groomer's name and we'll do our best!
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Does you dog require a 1/ FULL GROOM (completely inclusive head to toe service) 2/ BATH AND BRUSH only (nail trim and ear clean included) 3/ BATH AND TIDY only? (Bath and Tidy includes only: bath/brush, nails, pad and sanitary trim, brow and eye area clear, rounding feet, ear check/clean as needed. IT DOES NOT TRIM BODY COAT LENGTH AT ALL *it's always recommended for first puppy visits*) *
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