2020 CERT Rodeo Ham Radio Communications Sign-up
Call Sign *
Upper Case Only ex: N5VEV
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What is a your cell phone number *
ex: 832-555-1212
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What is your email address *
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First and Last Name *
Proper Upper and Lower Case Only ex: Lisa Andrews
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Address *
For sending your certificate to.
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City *
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Any ICS Training? *
IS-100, IS-200, IS-700, IS-800 for example?
Do you have a headset for your radio? *
You can also use a speaker-mic with an earphone. The CERT Rodeo can be a very noisy environment. Communications will be very difficult without these.
What do you consider your level of physical ability? On a scale of 1 to 5: *
Are you a member of ARES, CERT, Teen-CERT or C-CERT? If so what is your unit? If you are a member of more than one unit please list them all.
ex: ARES D14 SE, UT Dallas C-CERT, Galveston County CERT, etc.
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Any special needs, skills or interest in a particular assignment?
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Have you printed out and signed the Harris County Fire & Sheriff's Training Academy Registration & Liability Form - CERT Rodeo? *
You will need to print the release out, sign it and bring the signed original and present it at check-in. http://www.harriscountycitizencorps.com/Portals/34/CERT%20Rodeo/2020/2020%20Registration%20and%20Liability%20Release%20Form.pdf?ver=2019-10-17-154355-280
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