🍺 Find my stolen content & I’ll buy you a beer!
Thank you for helping me out!

If you don't know me, I'm Ford Fischer & I'm an Independent Media Producer at News2Share.com.   I'm out here for you, getting the raw footage of all of the real events as they happen.  I love being on the front line and keeping real journalism alive!  

I get paid when news channels, movies, & documentaries license my pics and videos.  I make it very easy for these companies and individuals to work with me.  

Unfortunately, there are news outlets and movie/documentary creators who take advantage of independent consultants like me.  They steal my content, remove my watermark, and take credit for the work I risk my life to get.

If you see my work and think it might have been stolen, please fill out the form below so we can look into it.  

We will keep you posted and if it turns out the work was stolen and you were the first person to let me know, I will gladly pay for your next beer after they pay for the work.
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