Organic Farm CSA (veggie bag) survey
The Organic Farm has been offering two weekly buying services, a smaller bag and a larger bag, for over 15 years. This type of service is referred to as Community Supported Agriculture, CSA. We are interested in improving/modifying our service and are seeking input from our members and from interested consumers who might consider buying such a service. Please fill in the following questionnaire if our services might be of interest.

This is just a survey, not a CSA membership application. To receive a membership application please provide your email address and select "yes" at the end of this survey.

Email address *
What aspects of a CSA membership are important to you?
How many servings?
The Canada food guide recommends between 4 and 6 servings for fruit and veg per day for children and 7 to 10 servings for an adult. A Canada food guide serving of fruit or veg it typically 125-250 ml. For more information check out the Canada food guide
How many servings for fresh fruit or veg would you like to put on your table each week?
Summer, or all year long?
Traditional CSAs run for 12 to 24 weeks in the summer depending on where you live, approximately 16 weeks on the Avalon Peninsula. Is this sufficient to meet your needs, or would you like to extend your access to fresh produce by purchasing a winter Salad subscription for vegetables grown in local greenhouses?
Summer only or extended?
What does Organic mean to you?
Perks of Membership
In addition to getting a weekly supply of fresh organic produce what membership perks would interest you? Please check all that apply or add your own ideas.
Reduce the cost of your CSA
We understand that a seasonal CSA membership is a considerable financial commitment and we would like to make our fresh organic produce as accessible as possible by finding ways to reduce our costs.
Would you like to reduce the cost of your CSA share by:
Have you been an Organic Farm CSA member in the past?
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