Sign-up form for "A Large-Scale, Multi-Site Examination of Stereotype Threat Across Varying Operationalizations"
You can use this form to sign up to become a collaborator on our project to test the robustness of stereotype threat across a large number of potential operationalizations of the stereotype threat effect. You can read more about our project at our OSF project page, where we have deposited the version of the proposal that was accepted at the Psychological Science Accelerator (PSA):

Participating in this project has the following two requirements:

(1) You must become a member of the Psychological Science Accelerator (PSA). You can read about the PSA here ( and sign up to be a member here (
(2) You must be able to recruit African American participants in the United States

We are aiming for 40 African American participants per lab, but at this point we're not setting hard limits on this number. We may be able to provide financial resources to labs that need to provide participant compensation as a way to facilitate recruitment.

Becoming a collaborator on this project gains you the following:

(1) You will be able to give feedback on all stages of the project
(2) You will be listed as an author on the finished manuscript. Authorship order will be determined using the CReDIT taxonomy (, and specific contributions will be listed in the author notes.

We will very likely submit this project as a Registered Report, which means that we will seek in-principle acceptance at a journal prior to data collection ( As part of this process, labs that wish to participate will likely need to gain IRB approval prior to our gaining in-principle acceptance. We will guide you through this process once we reach that stage.

You can sign up for the project by completing the following form. We will follow up with you via email soon.

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Assuming recruitment costs are not a constraint, how many African American participants do you think you could recruit over the course of one year? *
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