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Deontic is training a generative AI model for regulatory compliance in autonomous mobility and has developed a toolkit and dashboard for software & hardware engineers and product managers. The interface enables you to upload your own regulatory documents (regulations, standards, policies) and query them in conversational language. It helps in tracking regulatory changes and comparing regulation across several jurisdictions. Deontic is opening up a BETA version of its product for OEMs, Vendors and Suppliers in Autonomous Mobility. The BETA is free to use in terms of document upload and Conversational Chat. We are open to additional feature-requests, other use cases and custom modelling.

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In case you are an ADAS/AD simulation & validation solutions vendor, Generative AI can help you generate scenario descriptions based on natural language. It would additionally enable automatic compliance checks of these descriptions against a set of legal requirements. Would you be interested in using advanced Language Technology for such a use case?
AI can help you find relevant documents more easily and connect silos of knowledge. Would you be interested in using advanced Language Technology to automatically label and classify your regulatory data (standards, safety & design guidelines, policies, etc.)? *
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