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As new parents/carers of a child joining Deer Park School, you have automatically become members of the PTA. The PTA runs fundraising and social events for parents, carers and children to benefit the school.

We maintain a database of parents' and carers' names and emails. This is kept on a password-protected site and only PTA Committee members have access to it. We would like all parents and carers to be on our mailing list so that nobody misses out on all the fun activities and everyone knows how they can get involved.

In addition, we ask that you provide a mobile number to allow us to add you to year group specific WhatsApp groups and to the school app MySchoolsApp to allow your class representative to communicate important information to you.

We would be grateful if you would complete and submit the form below.

We take information security seriously. You can obtain a copy of our privacy policy on the PTA section of the Deer Park School website. If you have any questions, please contact
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