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BECOME A CAREER MENTOR: Help Tuesday’s Children guide tomorrow’s leaders.

Losing a parent can often mean losing an essential career adviser, professional mentor and adult support system. As a Career Mentor, you can help young adults who have lost that vital teacher in their lives as they embark on their careers.

3,051 children lost a parent on September 11th.
18,000+ military deaths since 9/11.
More than more than 37,000 Responders and survivors are suffering from a 9/11-related illness.

As a result, the need for professional mentors for Tuesday's Children teens and young adults continues to grow.

Career Mentors are individuals who volunteer their time to give career advice and support. Mentors help answer questions about career development, provide young adults with the tools to build or improve their resumes, assist with interviewing and networking with matched with matched Career Mentees throughout the year. You will have the unique opportunity to guide young adults as they navigate their way through the career process.

Maintain consistent communication with matched Career Mentees
Commit to reviewing resume materials and providing feedback in a timely manner
Connect Career Mentees with helpful resources to help further their career advancement
Possible opportunities you might provide for your matched Career Mentees:
o Company tour
o Mock interview within HR Department
o Shadow Day
o Resume review
o Networking practice
o Provide general professional behavior tips
**Career Mentors are not expected to provide emotional support/life management skills to any Career Mentees other than what is required by the program
Career Mentors must have:
o Minimum of two years of professional experience in current field
o A desire to coach young adults/adults in the professional workforce

To learn more email Alison Silberman, alison@tuesdayschildren.org

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