Klein UMC Kid's Choir and Percussion Group
K-5th graders will sing, dance, play instruments and prepare songs for worship from 2:00-3:00 PM on Sunday afternoons. Come play along as we learn to worship the Lord through music and fun beginning Jan 21st this Spring!

SPRING 2023:
Begins Jan 21 - April 14 

Dates the children will sing in Worship at both services
Feb 18
March 21 (Palm Sunday)

Spring Children's Musical Performance
Wednesday, April 17 6:00 PM

No rehearsal
March 10 (Spring Break)
March 28 (Easter)
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Release of Liability
KUMC MEDICAL AND LIABILITY RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS (YOUTH - UNDER 18)  STATE OF TEXAS §  COUNTY OF HARRIS             §  I, the above listed Parent or Guardian make this Medical Power of Attorney and Liability Release and Hold Harmless Agreement on behalf of the above listed minor child, in anticipation of my child's participation in the activities of Klein United Methodist Church ("KUMC"), for the event registered.  It is my expectation that my child is and/or will be participating in activities of KUMC, which may include KUMC Youth, Choir, Nursery, Weekday Ministries, Sunday School or other Sunday morning events, and/or any other activities which may occur on or off the KUMC premises, including transportation to and from off premises activities ("KUMC Activities"). In consideration of my child taking part in KUMC Activities, I agree as follows: 1. MEDICAL/POWER OF ATTORNEY ("POA")FOR MINOR CHILD: During the dates identified in this document I recognize that there may be times when my child is participating in a KUMC Activity and I may be unavailable to render decisions on behalf of or care for my child. I, therefore, appoint ANY CLERGY OR STAFF MEMBER of KUMC as my true and lawful attorneys ("my attorney") to do every act and exercise every power that I may or can do or exercise on behalf of my child, and grant my attorney the power to do everything, in my attorney's sole discretion, that may be proper expedient or advisable, and for all intents and purposes, as I might or could do personally, until such time as my unavailability shall end. Without limiting the authority granted, I specifically grant my attorney the authority to seek, obtain, authorize, give, or otherwise get medical, health, dental, and/or emergency care for my child as may be necessary during my unavailability. 2. RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS RELATED TO PARTICIPATION AND POA: I (individually and as parent, next friend, or legal guardian) release, indemnify, defend, and forever discharge and hold harmless ("Release") KUMC, its clergy, staff, employees, sponsors, chaperones. volunteers, and committee members individually and in any representative capacity (referred to as "Released Parties" in this document) of and from any and all claims, demands, liability, suits, injuries (including death), attorney's fees, expenses, costs, causes of action, judgments or awards of any kind or character ("Loss") which may accrue because of, arise out of or exist on account of my child's participation in KUMC Activities, or in any way connected with this POA or care given or obtained by and/or through it for my child.   This Power of Attorney and Release shall be valid for the registered event.
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