European Angular Meetup Bursary
The Angular London meetup ( in partnership with the AngularConnect conference ( is excited to introduce a new bursary scheme designed to help small meetups afford great speakers.

The London meetup has been running for 6 years and over that time we’ve been privileged to meet amazing people, have fascinating and illuminating conversations, to hear from experts and passionate speakers. It’s sparked countless new friendships and opportunities that we and the wider community have benefitted from.

We want to make a small contribution to the vitality of Angular meetups around Europe so that as many people as possible can benefit from these kinds of opportunities.

We are therefore making a small fund available to European Angular specific meetups to apply for funding to do things like pay for travel and accommodation for exciting speakers who might not otherwise be visiting their city and that the meetup wouldn’t be able to afford to bring in.

Apply below and make a good case for why your meetup deserves a bursary. We look favourably on meetups that can show how they are making efforts to share the knowledge they will gain as widely as possible through things like filming the talks and making them available free of charge or using FaceBook Live and other tools to share the content. We will prioritise free and very low cost meetups. Use the form to tell us about the impact you believe the bursary will have on your group and the wider Angular community in your city/region.

Terms and Conditions

* The bursary is open only to Angular specific meetups in Europe.
* No bursary will be made to meetups who do not have a written and actively enforced Code of Conduct. If you don’t currently have a Code of Conduct, check out to help you get started.
* Entries are assessed on a rolling basis and if you are accepted you will be emailed. We aim to respond to all applications within 4 weeks.
* If you are selected, the amount you are granted may vary from the amount you requested.
* The bursary will be paid after the event in GBP via PayPal on submission of your expenses. You maybe asked to provide receipts to confirm the bursary has been used for its intended purposes.
* If the expenses were greater than agreed then Angular London may agree to cover the additional costs. The decision of the Angular London is final.
* The bursaries must be used for the purpose stated in the application. If when you are accepted, for any reason the intended use for the money changes (such as the named speaker whose travel you are covering pulls out) you are obliged to inform us so we can discuss your new intention for the grant.

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If you don’t currently have a Code of Conduct we'd encourage you to introduce one. Check out to help you get started.
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Tell us about the intended use for the money. Please tell us how you would use a grant and why it would benefit your community and what the wider impact would be. If you will be sharing the talk more widely, please tell us how.
How much money do you require? *
Please give a detailed breakdown in GBP, such as cost of flights or other travel, accommodation, expenses etc.
Tell us about any efforts you have made to make your group accessible to under represented people in the tech industry
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