2018 Jefferson County Farmers Markets Vendor Application
Greetings! Before you begin the application process for any of the Jefferson County Farmers Markets, please read our Vendor Guidelines (https://static1.squarespace.com/static/565f7767e4b05a14ac778fe0/t/5835f1c7ff7c50058bab8d7b/1479930313081/2017_GuidelinesFINAL.pdf). This is a requirement for successful completion of your application. The Jefferson County Farmers Market (JCFM) Vendor Guidelines will inform you about the expectations of our markets, how our markets operate and vendor categories.

This application can be used for the Port Townsend Saturday and Wednesday Farmers Markets as well as the Chimacum Farmers Market.

Port Townsend Saturday Farmers Market
April 7-October, 9am to 2pm
November-December 15, 10am to 2pm
Uptown Port Townsend
Application due February 1, 2018

Port Townsend Wednesday Farmers Market
June 6-September 26, 2pm to 6pm
Location to be determined
Application due March 1, 2018

Chimacum Sunday Farmers Market
June 3-October 28, 10am to 2pm
Chimacum Corner Farmstand
Application due March 1, 2018

Space is limited at the Port Townsend Saturday Farmers Market. New vendors must be from Jefferson County and priority is placed on vendors that offer products not currently represented at market. In 2018, we have a new vendor category, "Seasonal Farm." This is for farm vendors that plan to participate in 1-5 markets with seasonal products. The Wednesday Farmers Market is a food and farm market only. Craft vendors are not accepted to vend at this market. Applications are accepted for the Chimacum Farmers Market for food, farm, as well as arts and craft vendors.

Please submit your application electronically or by mail to:

Jefferson County Farmers Markets
PO Box 1384
Port Townsend, WA 98368

Visit our website, jcfmarkets.org and review JCFM's Vendor Guidelines for answers to your questions. Should you need additional assistance, please call or email Market Director, Amanda Milholland: 360-379-9098, info@jcfmarkets.org.

Vendor Status *
If you have vended with us but are applying as a vendor to a new JCFM market, please select , "new." For example, slect "new" if you have participated in the Port Townsend Wednesday Farmers Market and are applying to vend at the Port Townsend Saturday Farmers Market in 2018. Select "returning" if you have vended at the market you are applying to or if you are applying for more than one JCFM market and have vended with us at one of our markets in the past.
Vendor Type *
Please review the vendor guidelines for vendor descriptions. Pick one or more. Review the vendor categories in the JCFM Vendor Guidelines, https://static1.squarespace.com/static/565f7767e4b05a14ac778fe0/t/5835f1c7ff7c50058bab8d7b/1479930313081/2017_GuidelinesFINAL.pdf, for a description of each category.
Market Day *
Pick all you wish to attend
Business Name and Doing Business As *
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Primary Contact Name *
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Secondary Contact Name
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What is the Best Way to Contact You During the Market Season? *
Email, phone, text? Please note, the Market Director sends out vendor maps and other communication weekly via email for the Port Townsend Saturday Farmers Market. You are responsible for reviewing the vendor map and contacting the Director should you not have access to email.
E-mail Address *
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Phone Number *
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Business Address *
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City *
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State *
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Mailing Address
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Street Address
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Zip Code
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Name/s of Booth Worker/s *
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Cell Phone Number *
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E-mail *
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Who Owns the Business Vending at the Market? *
Do you have an active business license? *
Name of the Business as Registered on Business License? Trade Name or DBA? *
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What is your UBI/Tax Registration Number? *
Your answer
Year Business Started? *
Your answer
Business Description: *
Short personal bio, product description, and sustainable practices.
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Products: *
Please list your products and the dates they are available. Include all products you anticipate vending as well as any new products you plan to offer this year.
Your answer
Do you pan to be at all the markets? *
If no, which market dates do you anticipate missing? If you are applying as a seasonal farm vendor, please list the markets you plan to attend. *
You can communicate additional dates to the Market Director during the market season.
Your answer
Are you applying as a fair weather vendor? *
Fair weather vendors have products that are adversely affected by poor weather conditions or water damage. Please read the Vendor Guidelines for more information.
JCFM Vendor Agreement *
Hold Harmless Agreement *
I agree to hold harmless the JCFM, the Market Board, staff, and all Market participants for any claim, loss or damage arising from this agreement or vendors use of premises. I understand that it is my responsibility to obtain all necessary permits and licenses for conducting business at the JCFM and that I must have a copy of these with me while vending. I agree to report gross sales and pay applicable booth fees to the Market Director at the close of each market day. You must click "I agree" if you would like to sell at our markets.
2018 Returning Vendor Registration Fees *
New and returning vendors who are accepted to markets will be invoiced for their respective registration after acceptance. Registration fees must be paid before vendors begin selling at the market/s for the season.
Copies of all permits, licenses and certifications must be provided to JCFM before you begin sales, offer samples or display signs that state your certifications. These can be emailed to: info@jcfmarkets.org or mailed to PO Box 1384, Port Townsend, WA 98368.
Physical Location:
Please list your physical location, parcel numbers and all additional growing/animal rearing locations. Describe the scale and use of your land. Who owns the land?
Your answer
What Washington State Specialty Licenses does your business have? www.bls.dor.wa.gov
What Licenses and Permits from Washington State Department of Agriculture does your business have? www.agr.wa.gov
If you sell honey or honey products from your own hives, are your hives registered with the WSDA?
Is your farm authorized to receive WIC and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) checks?
We ask that all farms selling fruit, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, vegetable plant starts and honey apply to accept WIC/Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program vouchers. The application is available here: https://www.fns.usda.gov/fmnp/fmnp-contacts.
County Health Department/District Permits:
Does your farm/business and the products you plan to sell at markets have any certifications?
List Any Third Party Certifications
Your answer
We may ask you for a sample of the food you plan to vend. Copies of your business license, permits and certifications must be provide to JCFM before you begin vending. These can be emailed to: info@jcfmarkets.org.
Do you need electrical power?
Please note, electricity is available on a very limited basis.
What % of your menu is made from scratch?
What % of your menu is made of goods prepared by others?
(Bread, liquids, ect...)
What % of your ingredients come direct from a Jefferson County farm?
Please list any and all local farmers or food producers that you purchase ingredients from for the products you intend to sell at the market.
Your answer
What % of your total ingredients are from sources located within Jefferson County?
What % of your ingredients come from adjoining counties?
(Clallam County, Kitsap County)
Note, new craft vendors must send at least three product photos and one booth or display photo of your work to Market Director, Amanda Milholland: info@jcfmarkets.org. You application is not complete until photos are sent to Amanda.
Describe your art/craft:
Your answer
Describe the process, including tools that you use to create your art/craft:
Your answer
Describe the materials used to create your art/craft:
Be specific about where you source your materials (Jefferson County, Washington State, etc.) and how you make your decisions about what materials to purchase (sustainable production processes, non-toxic chemicals, etc.).
Your answer
Enhancement of the Market:
Please describe how your product fits into the Jefferson County Farmers Market mix.
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