Bunny Brigade Application for Cat Adoption
This form is used as a pre-screening measure so we can ensure our cats are placed in the best-fitting homes. Please answer every question carefully and to the best of your ability.
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This application will take 15-20 minutes to complete and there is no option to save your progress and come back at a later time. Please answer questions fully and to the best of your ability, as incomplete applications cannot be processed. *
Completing this application does not mean you will be approved to adopt a cat; rather, this form is one step in our adoption process which helps us determine your current level of knowledge surrounding cat care, and whether the cat you're interested in may be a good fit for your family. *
Section 1: Cat Basics
Please read these questions carefully in order to determine if adopting a cat is right for you and your family.
I understand that with proper care, cats can live 10-15 years or more. I am prepared to keep my cat for his or her entire life. *
I understand that cats require veterinary care, including annual wellness exams and vaccinations. I am physically and financially prepared to find a qualified veterinarian for any and all care that my cat needs. *
I understand that this cat is not declawed and I am prohibited from ever doing so. *
I understand that cats can and may be destructive, especially when bored, including clawing furniture, walls, baseboards and carpets. They may chew on wires and cords from window blinds. I am prepared to cat-proof my home and keep him/her entertained with toys and enrichment activities for his/her happiness and safety. *
Section 2: Background Information
Your full name: *
Your current address, including city & state: *
Your email address: *
Your primary phone number: *
What is the best way to contact you? *
Do you rent or own your home? *
If you rent, please provide your landlord's contact information:
Are you over 18? *
Please list the members of your household, and each person's age. *
Does every member of the household wish to adopt this cat? *
Who will be primarily responsible for caring for this cat? *
Who will be financially responsible for this cat's needs, including food, litter, toys, and veterinary care? *
Does anyone in the home have allergies and/or asthma? *
Are there any other pets in the home? If yes, please list them by species and age. *
Please explain how you plan to introduce each pet in the home to the cat.
Please describe the level of activity in your home. *
Do you have a regular veterinarian? If yes, please provide the name of vet, clinic name, address, and phone number. *
Have you ever surrendered, given up for adoption, or otherwise gotten rid of a pet, including euthanasia? If yes, please explain the circumstances below. *
Please provide the name and phone number of three (3) personal references not related to you. *
Section 3: Cat Care
This section will help us understand how you intended to care for your adopted cat. Please provide as much detail as possible. If you do not know the answer, please state that you are unsure - there is always more that we can learn, and our volunteers can help you with educational resources!
Name or description of cat you wish to adopt: *
Please tell us why you are interested in adopting this cat. *
If another candidate is approved to adopt this cat before your application can be processed, are you interested in adopting any of our other cats? Please explain. *
Please select the top three (3) qualities that are MOST important to you in a cat that you wish to adopt. *
Where will this cat live? *
How many hours per day will your cat be left alone and will they have run of the house/apartment? *
Please describe the ways in which your routine may change as COVID-related restrictions are lifted and how those changes will affect your cat's routine. Consider: work arrangements, plans for travel, resuming hobbies or weekend activities, etc. *
Please describe the ways in which your life may change over the next 5-10 years and how those changes will affect your cat's routine. Consider: career path or changes in employment status, possibility of moving, changes within family structure and/or romantic relationships, etc. *
What do you plan to feed your cat? Please use as much detail as possible, including brand names of any food where applicable. *
Please describe any circumstances that would prompt you to take your cat to see a vet. *
Please describe any circumstances that would require you to rehome your cat. *
Section 4: Current & Past cat Owners Only
If you have never owned a cat before, please skip this section.
How many cats currently live in your home?
How many cats have lived with you in the past, but are no longer in your home (for any reason including death, rehoming, etc)?
For every cat you currently own, please list the following: Name, age, spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations, where you got them, how long they have lived with you
For every cat you have owned in the past, please list the following: Name, age, spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations, where you got them, how long they lived with you, reason they are no longer in your home
Please explain any health or behavioral issues of cats that you currently own or have owned in the past.
Are you interested in adopting this cat to bond with your current cat(s)?
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Do you plan to keep this cat if bonding is not successful?
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Section 5: Submitting Your Application
I certify that all of the information on this application is true and complete. *
I agree that Bunny Brigade Inc. may contact my veterinarian and/or personal references, and conduct a home visit if necessary. *
I understand that if I am selected to adopt this cat, the adoption fee will be $60. Furthermore, I understand that while Bunny Brigade Inc. may work with transports to coordinate long-distance adoptions, I am ultimately responsible for making arrangements to pick up my adopted cat from their foster home in Wilkes-Barre, Pa *
I will notify Bunny Brigade Inc. if I am no longer able to keep or provide for my adopted pet, regardless of circumstances. *
If my adopted pet is lost or stolen, I will immediately notify Bunny Brigade Inc. so that the rescue can provide help or resources in locating my lost pet. *
I understand that when I click "submit," Bunny Brigade Inc. will be automatically notified of my application. I understand that Bunny Brigade Inc. is staffed by volunteers and it may take 5-7 days to hear a response. I will not send multiple messages or attempt to contact Bunny Brigade Inc. through multiple channels while waiting for a response. *
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