PPCM Geo Incident Mapping Survey
This is a global survey to record confirmed cases of Post Partum Cardiomyopathy in Prenatal (before birth) and Postnatal (after birth). A Geo map of colour coded hotspots will be created to show a visual representation of confirmed cases by County, region and level of harm.

The survey will be made public by hosting on a website as a linked page, all identifiable data including but not limited to (names and email addresses) if collected will NOT be published.

This survey is for the purpose of PPCM awareness, I am not in a position to derive personal benefit or financial gain from actions or decisions made in any official/professional or clinical capacity. I am a family member, a Father of a young patient who was diagnosed with PPCM. I wish to share public data generated by PPCM sufferers to help raise awareness globally.

When you click Submit at the end of this survey you are giving your consent to include your responses in the (PPCM Geo Incident Mapping Survey)

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