Type.World Research December 2020, for type publishers
Thank you for taking the time to send me feedback on Type.World.

Type.World is an end user app and a technology that provides extremely automated and easy to use font installations from participating font publishers onto the user’s computers. Users can accumulate subscriptions in a user account, share them with other computers or users, and easily recover font installations after a computer crash by just logging into their user account in the app, similar to how modern day app stores work (minus the selling part).
More information on https://type.world and make sure to follow @TypeDotWorld on Twitter.

This form is aimed at type foundry representatives interested in implementing the upcoming Type.World font installation system for their customers.

The feedback from this form shall help create an understanding of how big the interest of type foundries is in Type.World as well as help determine technical resources needed to accommodate each foundry’s users in the system.

Essentially, Type.World would be acting as a cloud service provider, billing font publishers per usage of the system. Profitable but fair price tags need to be found for these services, and your feedback here helps inform these decisions.

Please note that in the questions below I’m not asking for your company’s turnover or profit numbers. Not because I know that many of you won’t want to give them, but because they’re not interesting. I still want the project to be as non-for-profit as possible, therefore not make a cut of your profit. Instead I'm asking for metrics that will cause real strain on Type.World’s servers and databases, which I find a much better solution for a billable service.

I will ask you questions about your foundry’s amount of total customers as well as average amount of transactions/sales per month (and not the sales’ value). I will treat this information completely confidentially and use it only internally for planning Type.World resources. If however your company requires the signing a non-disclosure agreement before sharing such information, please get in touch at hello@type.world prior to filling this form. I will happily sign your NDA or otherwise have a standard NDA ready for us both to sign.
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Your foundry or company name *
Your personal name *
Your position in the company *
Number of employees in your company *
What is your business? *
Multiple answers are possible
What types of fonts do you publish? *
Multiple answers are possible. This question aims at how the Type.World App shall handle fonts in a repository. The idea is that desktop fonts are installable on the host computer, while other types of fonts might not be installable, but rather downloadable/accessible through the app because they will only be copied and used in certain development environment.
How well do you understand at this point what Type.World is about? *
Not well at all
Very well
In case you lack understanding of what Type.World is, can you describe which parts are unclear?
What’s the total amount of your customers/users, including inactive users? *
Scaling of the Type.World system will have to take inactive users into consideration as well that show no purchasing activity but could be running the app anyway on their computers which would eat away system resources, especially of the messaging server whose responsibility it is to notify running app instances (and therefore the user) of changes.
In case of a type foundry or marketplace, how many transactions/sales do you have per month, on average? *
This questions aims at how many times an update of a Type.World font subscription needs to be pushed to users per month where either new fonts are added to the subscription (license sale) or increased seat allowances for existing font licenses are granted (license upgrade). Answer with 0 if it doesn’t apply to you.
For all types of business (but most importantly for custom type shops), how often do you publish font updates per month, on average?
This questions also aims at updates of Type.World font subscriptions, but at font version changes rather than fonts being added or seat allowances changing as per the previous question.
In case of a custom type shop, how many users/designers end up receiving and using your fonts on your customer’s side, maximum, per customer? *
Ball park number: how many users would end up receiving the fonts on your customer’s side through the Type.World app? In case of international corporations, this could potentially involve a lot of users and the Type.World technology could potentially enable you to take responsibility for distributing them yourself all the way to each of the end users. Answer with your best guess on the highest amount of users per customer you have ever worked with that would use the Type.World app to receive your fonts. Answer with 0 if it doesn’t apply to you.
How interested is your company at this point in sporting Type.World for your customers/users? *
Not interested
Very interested
How interested are you to have Type.World offer web fonts and app fonts for download through the app? *
At first, the Type.World app will offer installation of desktop fonts on end user computers. Additionally, web fonts and app fonts could be distributed through the same channel, making them available through the app for download, just not installable on the host computer like desktop fonts.
Not interested
Very interested
How interested are you to have Type.World offer web font hosting? *
Additionally, Type.World could offer a hosting service for web fonts where users merely receive CSS code through the app for loading web fonts into web projects.
Not interested
Very interested
How do you see Type.World sustain itself financially, given that the main software will always remain open source, but future development will require the livelihood of real people? *
Can you elaborate on the previous question?
In case Type.World was a commercial business, who do you think should pay for it? *
Given your company’s (most importantly) amount of monthly transactions as well as (less importantly) inactive users, how much money would you be willing to spend per month on the Type.World system, in USD? *
Bear in mind that you would be supporting not only the running system and its creator(s), but also fostering future developments in support of the type industry.
How much do you think Type.World should charge users per month for using the app, if applicable, in USD? *
Is there anything else you would like to say?
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