MVPDx: Partnering for the Future of Policing
MVPDx: Partnering for the Future of Policing, is a community-based outreach series designed by the Mountain View Police Department to create a listening and learning environment between those who live in Mountain View and those who protect and serve the City.

Over the course of ten sessions, conducted through in-person conversation gatherings and one-on-one experiential opportunities, the cohort of participants will spend time discussing and analyzing their relation to law enforcement and what they think will be the best steps to take, together with the Police Department, forward for the future of policing.

Designed specifically to amplify and enhance listening and learning opportunities for officers as well as for community members, MVPDx will culminate in a final day (day 10) where the cohort builds out how they would like to see the police department respond to various incidents that have made national headlines, based on the topics covered in previous sessions (those topics are: community policing partnerships, school resources officers and their roles in Mountain View schools, video debriefs of incidents involving a law enforcement response, the police officers’ union in Mountain View, investigations involving internal affairs and officer-involved shootings, use of force simulations and conversations, data and community engagement, implicit bias, mental health training and response efforts, and a scenario-engagement day). They may choose to cover topics previously addressed, or they may choose to examine topics that had not been discussed and have additional subject matter experts brought in as part of those conversations.

The cohort will be selected from an existing pool of interested parties that filled out this form, with the goal of being able to continue to move forward with subsequent cohorts selected from that interest list that is available for community members to fill out. The goal is to have as diverse a group as possible, with a safe space to voice opinions, have respectful conversations, and above all, build a better future for policing for the Mountain View community.

This form is to help us build an interest list for those who would like to participate in the program going forward. Please fill out the following fields with as much detail as possible:
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