Utah Democratic Party Sub-Committees
The Utah Democratic Party Executive Committee is committed to energizing and organizing Democrats across the state, and we feel these new changes will be key in helping us do that. The changes create 6 standing sub-committees within the Central Committee to help us energize our base, share our message, and give our candidates the tools and resources to win. These committees are open to the public for individuals to join, but won't be voting members of the State Central committee. These Central Committee sub-committees are:

Mobilization Sub-committee;
Public Relations Sub-committee;
Fundraising Sub-committee;
Technology Sub-committee;
Candidate Recruitment Sub-committee;
Public Policy and Platform Sub-committee.

These sub-committees have the intent of being a resource to our state and county parties, our issue/identity caucuses, but especially to our candidates who need help with resources to better run an effective campaign. Together, we can change this state, and our State Executive Committee is optimistic about the future for our party and for the State of Utah.

Each sub-committee is defined as:

The Mobilization Standing Sub-committee: The Mobilization Standing Sub-committee of the Utah State Democratic Party shall be responsible for helping to create and implement a field program with the Utah State Democratic Party Executive Committee. This sub-committee should create workshops for County Democratic Party Officers, information for potential Democratic Party candidates, workshops and programs for volunteer training, and campaign workshops. This sub-committee shall also be responsible for initiating, building, and maintaining relationships with grassroots organizations aligned with the Utah State Democratic Party platform. Toward this end, the Mobilization Sub-committee shall work with the Utah State Democratic Party office to maintain a current and concrete list of volunteer opportunities.

The Public Relations Standing Sub-committee: The Public Relations Standing Sub-committee of the Utah State Democratic Party shall be responsible for, but not limited to, formulating methods for highlighting information about the Utah State Democratic Party under the direction and subject to the approval of the State Executive Committee.

Fundraising Standing Sub-committee: The Fundraising Standing Sub-committee shall work under the direction of the Utah State Democratic Party Chair, Finance Director, and State Party Treasurer. The Fundraising Standing Sub-committee shall support fundraising efforts.

Technology Standing Sub-committee: The Technology Standing Sub-committee shall work with the Utah State Democratic Party Executive Committee to establish strategic goals for using technology, both at the State Party and for building the technology assets the Party provides to itself, staff, campaigns, and other committees. This sub-committee directs and manages all technology functions including data management, software engineering, analytics, information security, and project management.

Candidate Recruitment Standing Sub-committee: The Candidate Recruitment Standing Sub-committee shall help with candidate recruitment, targeting candidates, creating benchmarks in targeted races, and training candidates. In addition to the appointed sub-committee Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary, the Chair of County Chairs, the Chair of Issue Caucus Chairs, and four Regional Members — Central, North, East, West — are members of this sub-committee. This sub-committee shall be responsible for the recruitment of candidates for federal, statewide, and multi-county elected offices and for assisting the County Democratic Parties in recruiting candidates.

Public Policy and Platform Standing Sub-committee: The Public Policy and Platform Standing Sub-committee shall be responsible for submitting the platform or resolutions reports to the State Conventions; creating task forces to study issues for the Utah State Democratic Party; compiling research on issues for use by candidates for public elected office; and acting as advocates for issues endorsed by the State Central Committee. The Standing Sub-committee may also provide for the formation of sub-committees or task forces to study specific issues that include as part of their membership a designate of the Democratic Party Leadership of the Utah State Legislature, and other persons who can provide expert knowledge on the issues addressed by the task force.

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