Colossalcon North 2024 Photoshoot/Meetup Request Form
Do you plan on organizing a photo shoot and want to make sure everyone knows about it?  Go ahead and sign up here for a place on our schedule!

Signup times are on a first-come, first-served basis, and should be submitted by the person who is planning on organizing the photo shoot. We are doing one group per hour & location. If you submit a photoshoot when a  planned photo shoots had already been requested, you will be asked to pick a different time/day. We will only take one photoshoot per series per day, unless split between the waterpark and a free area. Photoshoots of the same series are welcome on multiple days.
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Requested day of photo shoot:
Time requested:
Please enter a proposed time for your photo shoot. You can request am or pm , or specify a specific time on the hour. (e.g. 5:00pm, 11:00am, etc.) We book photoshoot blocks in periods of 1 hour. 
Back Up Time Requested: *
Please put a back up time as well, in case the original request time and location has already been taken.
Photoshoot Location:
Name of Photographer
This can be the same as the host; it's helpful to have so we can help people find photos afterward!
Contact Information of Photographer
Email is preferred but page is also acceptable
Where do you plan to post photoshoot pictures following the convention?
We recommend planning to post them in a Facebook event or group (
Backup Host
In the unfortunate event that you are unable to host this, please indicate someone who could host in your place. Someone else attending the shoot or your photographer, etc. is fine. 
Backup Host Contact Information
URL to Event Page / Group on Facebook or other social media site related to this photoshoot
If you've already created a Facebook page, group, etc. where people can indicate that they're planning on attending, please post it here. You can post multiple links if there is an event AND group, etc. Do not use a cosplayer's / photographer's personal Facebook page, please. ALL EVENTS MUST BE PUBLIC - Otherwise no one can see it!
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