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We are BitTrend Limited -the most valuable and authoritative blockchain and cryptocurrency Company from Nigeria.

We are building a crypto exchange called BitGrex. BitGrex is the most advanced and secure peer to peer; escrow based multi-cryptocurrency tradable exchange; where users can convert any of their digital assets to fiat or vice versa.

Crypto exchange is one of the fastest growing and most lucrative projects in the industry, and BitGrex intends to capitalize on the opportunities in this industry by providing the most intuitive, easy to use and safest platform for new and experienced traders to easily and quickly trade their cryptocurremcies.

It started as a WhatsApp Escrow Group on August 4, 2017; over ten thousand (10,000) successful transactions have been executed on the BitGrex platform so far with no single case of scam or hack and we are ready to make this service available to the larger market through the BitGrex website and Mobile App platforms –

It is on this note and with great enthusiasm that we specially invite you to be part of this project by investing in the Company with a minimum of One Hundred Thousand (N100, 000) naira or three hundred dollars ($300) of Bitcoin; there is no maximum to what amount you can invest yet. As you know, cryptocurrency is the future of money; and the industry is expected to explode to about $10 trillion over the next five years from the current total market capitalization of around $300 billion. That’s an estimated 3,233% growth projection.

Your investment will be used for completing, marketing and running of the exchange website/mobile applications; cryptocurrency trading and we propose to provide our investors with a 5%, 6%, 8% and 10% Return on Investment (ROI) monthly for 3months, 6months, 9months and 12 months contracts respectively; with capital refundable upon termination or expiration of contract.

Investing in cryptocurrency exchanges and trading offers one of the most suitable and sustainable opportunities to build and grow wealth in the cryptocurrency market as exchanges makes money by taking a cut from every transaction executed on the platform, whether prices of cryptocurrencies goes up or down.


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