National Youth Policy 2030 draft.
Add your voice and give your support to the comment we're submitting to the Department of Women, Youth & Persons with Disabilities in response to the latest draft of the National Youth Policy 2020-30.
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We welcome the new draft of the National Youth Policy (2020-2030), which takes into account some of the public commentary put forward on the initial draft. As a youth-led coalition, we will be holding all the responsible parties to account for the efficient and effective implementation of this NYP to ensure that it delivers on its promises unlike the previous NYPs have done. We expect that a monitoring and evaluation framework is drafted and made public before this NYP is gazetted. Furthermore, in light of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we call for a review of the policy and its impact at the end of 2021, to ensure that the policy is still addressing the needs of young South Africans in a responsive manner.
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