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Thank you for taking a first step towards bringing GREEN to your tennis community. Our non-profit mission is to recycle all tennis balls in the USA. We hope you share our passion for making a positive impact in the sport of tennis. Please use this form to provide us with some basic information which will remain completely confidential.

Recycleballs provides the QUICKSHIP program at no cost to facilities but does require that a dedicated CHAMPION/manager commits to 1) promoting a mission of recycling all tennis balls and 2) always ensuring that full bins are replaced with new ones and shipped via UPS as soon as these are full. This as part of a successful partnership. We estimate that it takes about 10 minutes a week to manage this for a 6 court facility. More Info at

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Promote the Recycleballs mission.
Always ensure a fresh bin and timely shipment of full bins via UPS.
Help publicize this effort.
Provide program improvement feedback
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We also have this many extra balls on hand right now to recycle and may need extra bins.
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IMPORTANT: In order to ensure email communication between us and get you started, please respond immediately to an email we will send you as soon as you submit this form. Alternatively, please send an email to with the word "GO" in the subject line.
THANK - YOU for taking this first step in making a difference for your tennis community!
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