Contribute to my Book: "What NOT to do in Grad School"
In many circles, grad school has become synonymous with suffering. Yet, this struggle is treated as a right of passage. But should it be? If the point of graduate school is to teach you to develop independence and analytical thought in your field, then why do so many of our stories center around personal conflicts with colleagues or mentors, or feeling like we have to "sell our soul" to be successful?

That's why I'm writing this book! And I need some help to write it!

For people who really struggled in grad school, I want to know what they struggled with, where did they find support and what were the misconceptions and lessons that came out of those struggles. For those that had great experiences in school, I want to know what they think made their experience so good, whether it was passion for their subject matter, a great cohort or mentors, etc.

Basically, I think that everyone who has been to graduate school has some kernel of wisdom to share about their experience, whether positive or negative. My goal is to compile them all into a book of anecdotes and lessons that the next generation of graduate and professional students can learn from. If that's something you'd be interested in, I'd love to talk to you!

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