FRWA Volunteer Information Form
The FRWA is pairing with the Lower Farmington River and Salmon Brook Wild and Scenic Study Committee to start a volunteer River Stewardship Program. For this program we are asking frequent river users to pick a section of river that they would be willing to patrol regularly. The position would entail recording recreational activity that is taking place, reporting or cleaning trash, and noting any changes in the river.

This form will help the FRWA gauge the interest in the River Stewardship Program and ensure that the interests and safety of the volunteers are being met.
Name *
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How frequently do you use the Farmington River? (select one) *
What towns would you like to work in? (select all that apply)
Describe how you use the Farmington River, noting which activities you participate in? (click on all that apply) *
Where do you use the Farmington River (ex: Canoeing from the Pinchot Sycamore to the Tariffville Gorge)
As a volunteer, would you be willing and able to help in the following ways? (select all that apply) *
Please explain any health concerns you may have. We strongly encourage participation, but your safety and health is a primary concern. *
Would you like to participate in this program as part of a team or individually? *
If you would like to work as a member of a team and have a partner(s) in mind, please provide their names below. If you would like to work with a partner and do not have anyone in mind, we will do our best to pair you with someone interested in working on the same river segment.
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